Gypsy Sage is a blend of globe spanning stylOn the Benche.  Our collection is inspired by turn of the century treasures, history, spirituality, antique textiles and architecture, old world tribal and gypsy styling, with a splash of modern influence.  Who wants our creations?  The Gypsy Sage woman is confident, eclectic, intelligent, artistic and stylish, she believes true beauty should be effortless.   We believe that great style is a reflection of the individual spirit and so we design our pieces to be timeless, with strong appeal to the wearer who is creating her own distinctive style.

Ranging from statement pieces to delicate and dainty, our designs include such favorite materials as mixed metals, sparkly crystals, gemstones, filigrees, patina and splashes of sterling.  We strive to create a unique independent collection made with an exquisite assortment of handpicked components and globally gathered inspiration.   Our metals, findings and filigrees are all US sourced.  The medals and charms in our collection are US made of bronze or sterling using the old world technique of lost wax casting. Our designs embrace mixed metals, asymmetrical lines, and textures.  Handcrafted components complement raw chains, layered pieces balance with feminine accents.

In ProcessThe positions of “Creative Team Members” are occupied by Lisa Bommarito and Michelle Mahler.  Both are working artists with experience and education in a multitude of disciplines ranging from theater, costume and clothing design, mixed media, and of course, jewelry.  Living fairly close together in Nevada, it was inevitable that their paths would eventually cross.  After developing a strong friendship, it was decided and agreed upon, to embark on yet another art adventure in the form of Gypsy Sage.  They are happily manifesting the very best of themselves in  a collaborative effort to bring forth many of their previously unexpressed ideas, in this tangible form. Lisa is a well known creator of her own line of reconstructed vintage and antique jewelry, accessories and decor.  Michelle is a renown enamellist, and designer of dolls and miniature pieces.  Though Lisa and Michelle each has her own studio, they often can be found in the other, working on designs rich with tradition, symbolism, wisdom and soul.


We thank-you.  Lisa and Michelle